Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How eliminations will work...

Don't cry...it's not the end of the world! LOL!!!
As teams get smaller people will be switched around, the person who lost the most weight the week of elimination is safe. (so here is where everyone may want to step up their game. J)
The person who has lost the least amount of weight over the weeks on the losing team will be eliminated.  So if you did bad the week of the elimination but lost more weight on previous week’s then your opponent then you may be safe; unless your opponent passes your weight loss in one weigh in. Make sense?
Example: Joe:  lost 3 pounds the last three weeks and 0 elimination days.
John:  lost 0 pounds the last three weeks but on elimination week lost 5 pounds, he is safe from elimination that week, because he passed Joes 3 pound weight loss.

If a tie happens we can do it either two ways, the person safe from elimination that week can choose who he/she wants to vote off, or we can leave the decision to me. (that’s where your input matters. So leave a comment, also feel free to put in how you wish to see this happen.)

If Blue team loses the weigh in this week and Elimination happens the teams will be even out again so no one will be switched around. If Red team happens to lose, someone on the blue team will be switched to Red so the teams aren’t completely out of balance. I will decide as I see fit who will move over to the next team…

Good luck to all!


  1. Lets completely eliminate red team and let the blue team win. What do you think? ;)

  2. I'd be fine with either TBL deciding or with you, but what about this... how about the person with the lowest percetage (based on weight of course) of weight loss out of the 2 with a tie gets the elimination?

  3. Alireza, no no there can only be one winner :P

    Pepa, do you mean the day of the elimination if two people are tied whoever is lowest that day gets eliminated?

  4. More like total percentage of weight loss so far, like on the show. Example: Jane started at 200 lbs and has lost 50 pounds, but Jill started at 180 pounds lbs and lost 50lbs so Jill wins because the percantage vs original weight was higher overall.
    Or just which person had the highest percentage loss vs. body weigh from last weigh in to the current elimination.

  5. I think I get it...
    We can do it that way, good idea! :)