Friday, June 22, 2012

It's friday...that can only mean...

Two days left for the weigh ins and eliminations! Will the Blue team hold their win for three weeks in a row or will Red team take over crushing them, forcing them to eliminated one of their own members…Stay tune to find out this Sunday! (or Monday when I get the blog

….yea I’m bored so deal with it! lol!


  1. Fracking TOM came -- +3.5 lbs sorry red team.. I can't change how my body rolls

  2. 161.2- It's ok gertie, it happens to all of us! At least blue team knows you're honest! Gotta run for a long day out, good luck everyone I'll check back later!

  3. My TOM hit this day too, but I'm still down -1 lb! I think that means that when I'm off, I'll be even lower, because usually I get pretty high around my TOM. So, I call this a win ;D

  4. Jshore- 169!

    me...unfortunately no loss this week, only a 2 pound gain :/ 158...