Monday, June 25, 2012

Week three winner is...

Week three Elimination week starts and the winner of this week is none other than the BLUE TEAM keeping their winning streak for another week in a row losing a total of 7 pounds. With the big winner being Jshore with a total of 4 pounds and coming close was Alireza with a total of 3. Dysfunctionalbarbie what the hell were you doing this week?!
Jshore – 173 – 169 - 4
Alireza – 181 – 178 – 3
Hungergames -  144 –Stayed the same
Dysfunctional– 156 – 158 +2
Red Team came close losing a total of 5 pounds this week! With the big winner being Pepagirl with a total of 4 pounds! Unfortunately that wasn’t enough to save the Red Team from eliminations this week…
Gertie -  170 – 173 + 3 pounds
Pepa – 165 – 161 - 4
Jel – 182 – 181 – 1
Gertie with your 3 pound gain I’m sorry girl but you are not the biggest loser. I was really rooting for you this week!! But you can still cheer on your team and support them for the remaining weeks!

On other news…
To make teams fair again Blue team automatically losing a member, but given the fact she had a two pound gain this week may not be so bad. Dysfunctional Barbie you are now on the Red Team…All teams now have a fair advantage. Good luck!  
Jshore will be going away this week, as discussed with her she can weigh the following Monday. If anyone else has a planned trips coming up in the next few weeks don't forget to let me know so we can arrange something.


  1. Awww Gertie :( Will there ever be a week challenge where someone can earn their spot back? I think we shoulddo that =3 that'd be fun!

  2. *Tear* Bye Gertie, we love you girl! Welcome to the Red Team Barbie! OK Red Ladies, we gotta win this one this week!!!! Congrats to Blue Team once again for a stellar week, great job ladies!

  3. Hey Barbie, I have a question... are the results for overall weight loss? Or just for the last week? Because I only lost 2 pounds this week, but I did lose 4 since the beggining of the challenge. So I'm a little confused because you only have Alireza losing 3 pounds, but her starting weight would put her loss at closer to 8 pounds total. Did we have a typo somewhere or am I just that blonde, lol?! Help me figure this out if you can! If you are going week to week, last week I was @ 163, so that's only 2 pounds lost on the week.

  4. Jel - That's a good idea...Got any ideas how that challenge should work?

    Pepa - Oh I was only doing from week to week weight loss not the total from the beginning. I didn't even think of doing it that way. lol (also Alireza is a boy :P)

  5. Aww.. poop!

    sorry team I really did try. I'll still cheer you guys on! :)

  6. Oh, sorry Alireza! Ok then, I only lost 2 pounds this week cause last week my offical weigh in was 163, this week was 161, so I think we have a typo up there on my stats. I'd love to say I lost 4 pounds this week though! :)

  7. Pepa - You're right! lol I had a blonde moment and was confused between the first and second number of last week :P.

  8. Maybe we could have the eliminated players compete against each other, whoever loses the most one week earns their spot back?

  9. Jel - I like that, I think that would work...maybe in two more weigh in's We'll have them fight for their spot back. :)