Monday, June 18, 2012

Week two Winner....

Two weeks in a row the Blue team takes the win! DysfunctionalBarbie lost the most this week, redeeming herself of her zero loss last week! Alireza came close behind her with another two pound loss! With a total of 6 pounds lost! Good job team!
DysfunctionalBarbie: 159 – 156: total loss: 3 pounds!
Alireza – 183 – 181: total loss: 2 pounds!
Hungergames: 145 – 144: Total loss: 1 pound!
Jshore – 173 – remained the same

 A little patience’s goes a long way where Pepa stepped up with a 2 pound loss for her team! Congrats on being the Biggest Loser for your team. Unfortunately a member went missing and hasn’t weigh in…so Elimination came a week earlier, leaving Red Team down to three member’s for next week...
Gertie: 170 – Remained the same,  don’t worry girl you got this next week.
Pepa: 165 – 163: total loss 2 pounds!!!
Jel –  181 – 182: up 1 pound.
Lyrical – Eliminated…

Rules on Elimination for the upcoming weeks will be posted soon.


  1. Oh no! Lyrical? What happened girl? It's ok we still love you! Congrats Blue team... but just know we WILL kick your ass this week, but with love of course! :)

  2. I was wondering that myself, I even went to her blog to see if she at least posted her weight there and nothing since last Monday. :( so sad elimations started early. lol

  3. I have a good feeling about next week. Red team will be kickin butt and taking names, watch out ;D