Monday, June 11, 2012

The winner is...


With a total loss of 8 pounds!
The biggest winner this week were Alireza with a nice 4 pound loss! Next Hunger Games with a 3 pound loss! Awesome job guys!!!
Dysfunctional Starting weight: 159 – Weigh in: 159 – stayed the same
Hunger starting weight: 148 –  Weigh in: 145 down 3!
Alireza starting weight: 187 – weigh in:183 down 4!
Jshore starting weight 174 – weigh in: 173 down  1!

Lyrical congrats on the highest loss for the Red team!!
Jellbelle and I discussed last week that she could in fact weigh in the on the Monday unfortunately I needed to get the blog up. Your weight will remain the same.
Lyrical starting weigh: 212 – weigh in: 210  down 2!!!
Pepa – 165 – stayed the same
Gertie – 170 – stayed the same

Good luck to both teams next week!

P.S I'm not doing the points so if it's past .07 and up I'm just going to round it to the closer number!

Jellbelle – 181 – stayed the same

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  1. Congrats Blue Team, that is some amazing weight loss! Red Team we gotta fight this week and show the Blue Team what we are made of! RAAR!!! :)