Monday, July 2, 2012

The winner is...


After a week filled with vacation's and TOM both teams were close unfortunately only one can win. After Blue team winning three weeks in a row...Red Team finally stepped up taking out their winning streak, by losing 1 pound more than the blue team! Thanks to PepaGirl for stepping up and taking the win!
Pepa – 161 – 158 - 2
Jel – 182 – 182 +1
Dysfunctional – 158 – 158
Unfortunately for the Blue team Elimination happens. A tie between Jshore and Alireza leads to a difficult decision on who get's eliminated this week. But given the fact Alireza has lost a total of 8 pounds over all saves him from elimination. Jshore I'm sorry but you are not the biggest loser.
Jshore – 169 – 170 +1
Alireza – 178 – 179 +1
Hungergames -  144 – 143 - 1

A twist, next week NO eliminations happen but our eliminated in the past get the chance to win their spot back into the Biggest Loser.  Whoever loses the most week next week out of the three contestant wins a spot back.

Let the games begin :)


  1. Woo-hoo!! YAY Red Team!!

    Barb... you're on! :)

  2. Enjoy these moments Gertie because it doesn't last long, next week blue will kick your butt :P

  3. Whaaat! I'm still in! Shocker! Maybe that's a sign that I should LAY OFF THOSE PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES!

  4. Yes, Yes we had a saving grace period this week ladies.. I think we can get them again next week beating them yet again!

  5. Here I am, 177.0 for blue team :)
    Blue team rocks