Monday, July 9, 2012

Winner is

Sorry to everyone for the late blog, it's been a hectic day! I will explain more in my other blogs!


Blue team this week lost a total of 4 pounds, leaving Red's three pound loss in the dust. 

Alireza – 179 – 177 -2
Hungergames -  143 – 141 - 2

Pepagirl with another awesome loss this for the Red team!

Pepa – 158 – 156 - 2Jel – 182 – 184 +2Dysfunctional – 158 – 157 - 1

Drum roll please... The winner who get's back into the game of the Biggest Loser is...

GERTIE!!! Welcome back girl with a wicked loss bringing you under the 170's! Keep it up and Blue team welcome your newest member! 

As discussed no eliminations are happening this week, so team's everyone is SAFE...until next week. ;)


  1. Replies
    1. Hey Pepagirl, Gertie is one of us now. She is BLUE so stay away from her...